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Published projects (Proyectos publicados)

Books (libros):
euphorium bakery: I Love Type Series (vol.5 Gill Sans), Victionary 2012
Siv Støldal: The big books of bags, tags and labels, Collins Design 2009
XMAS ID: Celebration Graphics Sourcebook, RotoVision 2009
Lava: Book of the year, Index Book 2008
Try Hard: Innovation in DVD Packaging Design, RotoVision 2005
Centre Pint: Occasional Sights - a London guidebook of missed opportunities and things that aren't always there, The Photographer's Gallery 2003
The London Hip Unit: Identify - Building Brand Through Letterheads, Logos and Business Cards, RotoVision 2003
euphorium bakery: The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design, Thames & Hudson 2002

Magazines (revistas):
Litter-Alphabet: VIA, revista de cultura y tendencias de
Tenerife y Gran Canaria (nº3, p26/27) 2005
euphorium bakery: SAL, revista de diseño gráfico de
la apdg de Tenerife (nº1, p75) 2004
Southgate Studios: Eye 47 (Vol.12, p51) 2003
The London Hip Unit: Étapes graphique 94 (March) 2003
euphorium bakery: Étapes graphique 74 (Junio, p54) 2001
euphorium bakery: Graphics International 84 (Abril, p35) 2001
euphorium bakery: Creative Review (Marzo, p12/13) 2001