This Monastery houses an important artistic heritage that now, after four hundred years of closure, has been revealed and shown, together with pieces of contemporary art. The visual identity of the Monastery is based on the lattices of Mudejar tradition that is seen in the building. The lattice system allows the novice to see without being seen and to be able to ‘pass througe it’ for the first time in history, is the basis of our design concept.

On the opening night the Bishop of Tenerife said, the ‘M’ logo has a double meaning: it refers to a place and a Museum; and perhaps more important for the faithful, reference is made to the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary.
The poster design to announce the exhibitions of the Monastery is based on a grid structure of diagonal lines that makes us think of latticework. A changing visual system, which adjusts according to whether it is contemporary or sacred art. The system adapts to each theme and serves as a template for matching images and texts in a dynamic way.
The signage system within the Monastery is also rooted in the same idea and the icons of the pictograms were drawn on a grid of lines with an emphasis on the diagonal and the hierarchy of information increases proportionally with the size of the rhombuses. ​​​​​​​
For the inaugural campaign and in order to capture the interest of the general public and tourists with an interest in art, a claim was sought: ‘400 years of history’ and we designed a series of advertisements and posters playing with the basic elements of visual identity.
Gold Corporate Identity: Anuaria de Oro 2019
Gold: Oro Especial del Jurado, V Premios Canarias de Diseño 2019
Art Direction & Design: Lars P Amundsen
Assistant designers: Carla Garrido & José Diego Rodríguez
Client: TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes​​​​​​​

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