CAN #3 is a magazine edited by the Canarian Design Association di-Ca. Apart from the online version, a short print-run is normally produced digitally by Daute and the magazine is distributed amongst their members.
The idea for this cover came from the desire to combine digital and analog technology to make a series of unique prints by overprinting the numbers in a variety of styles of antique woodtype from the collection of Tipos en su tinta.

EDition: di-Ca | Asociación de Profesionales y Empresas de Diseño de Canarias
Design: Lars Petter Amundsen and Víctor Méndez-Herrera
corrections: Lavadora de textos
TRAnslation: Alejandra Acosta Mota
digital printing: Daute
letterpress: Tipos en su tinta
photography: María Laura Benavente and Víctor Méndez-Herrera
EDITA: di-Ca | Asociación de Profesionales y Empresas de Diseño de Canarias
DISEÑO: Lars Petter Amundsen y Víctor Méndez-Herrera
REVISIÓN DE TEXTOS: Lavadora de textos
TRADUCCIÓN: Alejandra Acosta Mota

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